Just decided on your band or stage name and wondering where to go from there? We can help.

We regularly advise bands and solo artists on their branding, including registration and protection of brands/stage names as trade marks. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been around for a while, it’s never too early or too late to think about protecting your brand. Next to your music, it is probably your most valuable asset. It tells your fans what to expect. Our expertise in this area includes:

• checking no-one else has registered the same or a similar name as a trade mark;
• choosing the right ownership/business structure;
• drafting agreements with co-artists on band name / trade mark ownership and use;
• registering your brand/stage name as a trade mark, business name, company and/or ABN;
• advising in relation to your website / domain name and/or social media pages;
• advising on and securing your rights in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world;
• licensing/protecting the brand for other projects/usage (eg clothing/merchandising);
• concert and other investigations for fake/bootleg merchandise;
• transferring brand and/or IP ownership;
• handling disputes with other parties;
• advising on what happens to the brand when the music stops.

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